Blasting cabinet
The Carrecon-Piguillet b.v. blasting cabinet is one of the largest of its kind enabling us to blast extremely large items.

Our computer-controlled ovens are low-energy and comply with the most stringent of safety requirements. Furthermore, the ovens are switchable via so-called internal doors which means that if necessary, very large items can be processed. Each oven is equipped with a frequency regulator, creating an equal distribution of hot air along the items.  

Test facilities
Because we are a highly specialised company and often use coatings developed in-house, we have our own test facilities including a salt spray cabinet where we can adjust the current, vibration, salinity and temperature. This means that we regularly test new products but also well-known coatings in terms of their quality and properties.      

Internal transport
The overhead rail system which we use at our site is also computer-controlled and transports an item from pre-treatment to the application plant; from there it travels automatically via the oven to the packaging department where, following thorough quality control, it is prepared for transport to the customer.

External transport service
Carrecon-Piguillet b.v. has its own truck and a range of different (open & closed) trailers to transport often special, large and/or exceptional items. Thanks to this service, you can rest assured that your products are in good hands even during transportation.